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Thread: Proposed law in Quebec

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    Default Proposed law in Quebec

    I saw on the news that Greenpeace activists chained themselves to the office doors at the Qc ministry of natural resources to protest a proposed law that would, according to them, hand over the exploitation and management of the last old growth boreal forests in QC to large timber companies. I do not have the details of this law, but having seen the widespread over-harvesting, environmental impacts and stream/lake damage in the past from these same timber companies, I tend to believe GP. Now, don't get me wrong, I do not agree with everything they do, but I find it useful to have such organisations around. They give another view on issues. Politicians and large corporations tend to bed together and also give theirs views. Sadly, that has been part of history here and nothing has changed. The head of the timber lobby is a former minister of natural resources. That hints to backroom deals in the past.

    I see stuff like that happening all over: mountain top mining in the south-east US, gas and oil drilling offshore or up north, commercial and sport overfishing everywhere, etc. Sorry for the rant, but it just hit me this morning that all this stuff gets buried when the main news is all about the economy. These issues are still there. In the future, I will try to refrain from such outbursts.


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    Default Re: Proposed law in Quebec


    I missed your post earlier. I too don't agree with everything GP does but it is good to have a different view out there. I hate to see timber companies exploit forests and the stream beds like they have done in the past. There needs to be a strong oversight over harvesting operations.


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