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Thread: A near tragedy

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    I just thought that I would share a picture of Nicholas with everyone (I just took this pic today). Yes he is a little messy but he was just eating a Símores granola bar.

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    Glad to hear he is ok and looks like he is doing well. This is the 2nd close call story I've heard with in a few weeks and the know how of CPR saved the kids.

    Last October we had our first baby boy,he had internal complications and was in the NICU for a month. To make a long story short, before we could go home we had to pass a CPR class. Our son had no respiratory issues but for all parents to leave with their child from the NICU they had to pass the CPR class. They even gave us a dummy child to take home with an instructional DVD to continue to practice and show others(family, friends, babysitter etc..) Just shows to me how important the know how to CPR is.


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