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Thread: A near tragedy

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    Default A near tragedy

    I canít sleep because of the near tragedy that occurred today. I just felt like writing about it to help me get things off of my chest and so hopefully others will not make the stupid mistakes that we made.

    I went on a fishing trip, it was a fun day that started out at O dark 30 and ended a little after 7 when I returned home. I got home and unpacked my vehicle and brought my rods, reels, backpack, waders, and boots into the house. I started to put away my things and I noticed my wife was outside with all of our children. They were playing in their little kiddy pool. I just finished putting my boots and waders away in the garage and I came back into the house. My wife came in to say hi to me real quick.

    We went to go outside when I stopped to put something away. As I went to put it away we heard my oldest daughter screaming. So I ditched it on top of the fridge and we went outside.

    My wife went out first and I followed. All of a sudden I heard her screaming. She ran to the little kiddy pool and retrieved our youngest son who was face down in the water. She handed him to me, he was blue, cold, not breathing, I could not detect a pulse, and his eyes were rolled back. I immediately administered CPR and told my wife to call 911.

    As luck would have it our phone dead (we have phone service though our cable service and from time to time has had issues). My wife in a panic could not find her cell phone so she ran to a neighborís house to call.

    Meanwhile I am continuing to administer CPR and my son is still nonresponsive. I yelled as loud as I could to hurry and call fín 911. Finally she was able to find a neighbor that was home and called. As she was on her way back (I did not know this at the time) my son took a short breath and coughed up some water. Just as I thought that he might not die he stopped breathing again. I went back to performing CPR. Just before my wife got back he started to breath although it was very shallow. He opened his eyes and his pupils were fixed and he kept going in and out of concessions.

    After what seemed like an eternity the paramedics showed up. By this time my son was starting to cry a little. He was transported to the local ER I went along in the ambulance with him. By the time the ER doctors were done examining him he was starting to act more like himself. By this time my wife and our two other children arrived at the ER. The doctors decided to keep him for observation. Then they decided that they wanted to transfer him to a different hospital that had a better pediatric unit.

    So my wife decided that she wanted to go with him when they transported him so I could go home and put our other children to bed (it was after 11PM). I just got off the phone with her and she said that he is acting more normal but now he has a fever.

    I just thank god that this did not turn out a different way. I also decided to post this because sometime as parents we can get complacent with things. I wanted to remind other parents not to get complacent because that is when accidents happen.

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    Hi Sasha,

    Just reading your story shook me. I nearly lost one son and did lose another to illness. So I know how you feel. Children are the most precious gift that man has. My best wishes to you and your family.


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    So happy to hear things worked out for the best. I can only imagine how scared you must have been.
    Best wishes for you and yours.

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    It is so good that you understood how to administer CPR. I am glad to hear the child is going to be OK.

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    Your son an your family will be in my prayers

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    That was scarey just to read. Can't imagine living through that. Good for your quick actions and eventual outcome.

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    Thank God all is well.

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    CPR is the most valuable skill ANYONE can learn. It is not a complex procedure, and I can almost guarantee you that once in your life you will use it and possibly save someone or someones loved one. Look up a local course and enroll in it. Anyone who does any outdoor sport or spends alot of time in the outdoors be it on water or hiking should make CPR something that is almost as mandatory as taking along hooks, shoes, and water and a cellphone.

    Glad to hear everything turned out ok. Did you ever figure out exactly what happened to cause the situation?

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    Sasha: That was scary to read, glad it turned out the way it did, thanks for posting. That was a close one!


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    Thank you everyone for the kind words. I am happy to report that Nicholas was doing well enough to be released from the hospital this afternoon. He is at home and doing well. He actually is acting like his old self. It is amazing to me that young children can bounce back so quickly. It is just hard to imagine that we almost lost our 20 moth old. I just thank God that things turned out the way that they did.

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