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    Default Kind'a Cool.....

    Just something I ran across-- Thought it was kind of cool. I know I spent a half hour just checking it out and trying to 'take it all in'... The Scale of the Universe:

    Scale of Universe - Interactive Scale of the Universe Tool

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    Default Re: Kind'a Cool.....

    That was cool thanks for the share

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    Big stuff........... vast.
    Stay bent..............

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    Default Re: Kind'a Cool.....

    WOW! Kind of insignificant in the scale of things aren't we?


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    Default Re: Kind'a Cool.....

    Absolutely Excellent!

    Thanks for posting.


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    Pretty cool to think about! I would love to see a giant earthworm that is 7 meters long!
    Thanks for sharing
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    Man, wouldnt you like to hook into the trout that could eat that giant earthworm.....


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    That's awesome!
    The man who busies himself proclaiming something can't be done is frequently interrupted by the man doing it.


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    Default Re: Kind'a Cool.....

    A great journey! Good stuff! Thanx! milt.

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