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    not fly fishing related but I personally delivered my 4th child this morning at 4:12am. Her name is Olive and she was 9lb 14oz. this was my 3rd unassisted at home delivery for me and my wife and we couldn’t be happier, our first water birth (the other 2 were in the bed and the first was at the hospital).

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    Congratulations are in order!! Enjoy your newborn! My wife was not wanting to do home birth (niether was I for that matter), but aside from being in the hospital room, our first was born in August with virtual zero medical interventions.

    Again, Congrats!

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    Hi araitim,

    Well congratulations on the new baby to you and your wife. Are two of the other kids named Blue and Wing?


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    A BIG Congratulations!! Almost a 10 Pounder!!
    Best Wishes for Mom, Dad, And Olive.

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    Thank You everyone. ist been a crazy day with little sleep. Although she doesnt have siblings named Blue or Wing, she does have a slightly older brother with a middle name of Danger and he sure lives up to it(tried to do a flip onto Olive today but i caught him). i did keep track of the of the Berometric pressure just like when predicting a hatch and after a 4 day high pressure trend, it finnaly droped and thats when labor started. Pressure was lowest at 3:53am(water broke) and the baby was out at 4:12am.

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    Congratulation Araitim

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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