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Thread: Worst damage you have done to yourself .........

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    About 4 years ago I was out in the float tube after a night of wobbley pop's and fell asleep when I awoke I was about 200 meters down stream in the outlet of the lake wedged unto a awfull snarl of a beaver dam,wich popped my bladder in my tube ripped countless holes in my waders and left me swimming to reach the trail to hike out.Needless to say I take my fishing alot more seriously nowadays no "pop's" the night before!!and since then I witnessed a man come very close to death being careless while float tubing,and that scared me enough to take alto more care while tubing.

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    Last spring I was fishing in Zone 2 of the Lower Mountain Fork around those brown rocks. I had laid my stick down and had my left foot on a moss covered flat rock. Set the hook on a little trout, left leg slipped, fell backwards in less than a foot of water and sprang my knee slightly. Three days later my knee knocked my back out and I spent nearly a week on the floor and in bed at home. had to close my tire store for that week and have not fully recoverd a year later.. I have been fishing more out of a boat and not so much wadding........

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    I just read the 'pee on the electric fence comment" and as I am sitting here I have next to me the new battery powered electric fence charger that just came if for trips over "that a way" where the bears hang out here in Alaska.... I'm going to have to make sure that everyone knows this is not the wimpy unit we had in the past.... and that in the middle of the night folks watch their aim! As for damage in the pursuit of fish .. I'm just going to knock on wood for this one.

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    In the Summer of 2008 I was fishing in the Grand River in Ontario - a little side trip before a family event. The river was running high due to recent heavy rains, and had a bit of color so the bottom was hard to see. We were walking along on a series of rock ledges that at normal level would be out of the water, but were currently about knee deep.

    As I was standing still to make a cast, one of the rock ledges broke off and dropped me deeper into the river. Now the water was not so deep that I would have been in any serious trouble (I did not even ship much water into the waders), except I landed on one knee directly on the freshly broken edge of the rock ledge. The worst part was the knee I landed on was the same one I had just had major surgery done on less than 4 months ago.

    I spent the next several days taking pain killers with the knee propped up and packed in ice. Needless to say that was the end of my fishing activities while in Canada, and the end of my participation in the planned family event as well. It was more than a month before I could get back out fishing. When I finally got back in the water, I still had to use a cane for support instead of a wading staff (a wading staff just did not provide the leverage to get in/out of the water). I just hooked the cane to a heavy net retractor and clipped it onto the back of my chest pack strap - stayed out of the way nicely. Of course I got my arm wet, but at least I could get out and fish!

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    just ignore this
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    God does not subtract from man's allotted time those hours spent fishing.

    -from a sign in my Great-grandfather's general store

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    I thought it was just bad Chinese food. Or dehydration.

    Turns out it was an appendicitis, on a little Ozark trout/smallmouth stream.

    The smallmouth/goggle-eye action was silly. I didn't make it to fish the trout part, I was laying in the bottom of the canoe, holding my side and whining.

    My friends took me to the local clinic, and the nurses naturally thought I was on meth. When they realized it WAS an appendicitis, and their surgeon was on vacation, I was shipped an hour west to Springfield.

    Best part: The next morning, my friends drove by and stopped at this clinic to see how I was doing. The nurse says "Oh, Tom? He's gone." A #$!@-storm erupted until the wording was clarified, that I wasn't dead, that I had been shipped to another hospital.

    Next best part: About two weeks afterward, my grandfather let me know he had his appendix removed, about the same time, sixty years earlier. Thanks for that bit of medical history, Pop

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    get your buddy to pee first to see if its live I did !
    back in ny pro racing days i took a 3 wheeler off a 80 foot cliff, crashed through the trees except one, that one hit me in the chest. broke 7 ribs on left side putting 2 into my lung. My freinds had to ride 3 miles out to get help. had to have the lung reinflated, hurt like Hell. Did alot of damage like that through the years, lucky to be around yet.
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    Default Re: Worst damage you have done to yourself .........

    Vehicle- Once while fishing at the coast, I managed to back a little too far off an built-up oyster shell road and sink the back tires of my f-150 into nasty salty mud. After spinning the thing down to the axles (and the thing had the transmission fully rebuilt 3 days before ), I had to hitchhike to a payphone and call a bud with a large truck who lived about 50 miles away. I was so pissed off at myself I had a large beer to settle me down. I hitched another ride back to the truck and waited on my buddy to get there.

    Once he and his dad got there, we had to rig up chains at a far less than ideal angle, because I was perpendicular to and still occupying 2' of a 10' wide road. With some tugging, we got my truck out of the mud-brine. The chains jerked the trucks frame slightly sideways, so the bumper never looked quite right again, and I still hear about it from both of them to this day.

    I didn't catch a thing that day, and I didn't get the internship I interviewed for earlier that day either. Ten years later that same co won't give me any business.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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