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  1. Question Loading a canoe ..........

    Any people out there that have experience in loading a canoe onto a car top?I just got out my old Yakima roof rack, and purchased a boat loader, which is a bar that slides out of the cross bar, so that it is possible to get the nose of the boat up and parallel to the side of the auto, but I would like to know if anyone can suggest the best method. I am a woman, and don't have a great deal of upper body strength,which is why I asked in the ladies forum first The canoe doesn't weigh much but is ungainly, which you all know. My car is is pretty low, an old Volvo 740 wagon. I haven't tried it yet, so I thought I would check to see if someone else has done this before the wrestling match: me vs canoe. Thank you for your comments in advance.

  2. Re: Loading a canoe ..........

    Problem solved, the extension works very well.

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    Okay, now you can tell me. I was thinking sliding it on right side up then flipping it over. How did you do it? I don't have a canoe, and the pontoon I have would look funny as heck on the top of my small SUV (11 1/2' long pontoon)

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    That is pretty much what I did. You need to hold onto the canoe so that it doesn't slip back as you walk to the rear of the canoe, but its pretty easy to lift and flip it from the back end. In fact you have to be careful you don't flip it all the way over the car, it is so easy. They show a diagram using a kayak with the loader, but the canoe was really easy. You need a car with gutters above the door for the yakima rack, and the extension was a bit pricey- about $60 but it makes the job so much easier. You might be able to invent something for other roof racks, even something removable.

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