I have decided to get an Eheim Pro II 2028 and use the Eheim Pro II 2026 I have on my 46 for my filtration along with 2 Hydor External 300 Watt Heaters, one on each.

For lighting I am going with two 2 x 55 watt Bright Kits in a DIY hood (not canopy) I want to keep the glass tops the tank came with and have them accessable at all times.

Here is a pic of the tank as it sits in my front room:

I am picking up the filters and heaters in the next couple days. I will post pics as I set it up.

This is going to be fun..

I already have a 46 gal heavily planted tank that is sweet, but I got a killer deal on this one... Couldnt pass it up. It is 60"L X 24"H X 18"W it is a beast..