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  1. Default Kitchen Sink Gumbo

    2.5 quarts chicken broth
    8 ounces boned pre-cooked chicken
    8 ounces whole baby clams
    14 ounces baby scallops
    10 ounces fresh okra
    12 ounces jumbo shrimp
    12 ounces spicy pork sausage
    fresh basil chopped
    chopped roasted stewed red peppers
    onion powder liberally
    minced garlic to taste
    Cancun spice
    Black pepper
    Flaked celery
    One cup of rice
    "secret" ingredients

    All in crock pot on high and supper is 5pm.

    Some oyster cracker for top.

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    Default Re: Kitchen Sink Gumbo

    What about the roux?

    That said, it looks tasty!

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    have tried a couple and they don't seem to effect the Gumbo so I leave them out.

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    Default Re: Kitchen Sink Gumbo

    Len: That sure looks tasty and thanks for posting the receipe, I think I will try making a pot! Wonder if I can buy okra in Wyoming?


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