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  1. Default Support our troops

    Support our troops
    As most of you know my son is redeploying to Afghanistan in the next 45 days. Since he deployed for the elections, and I have continued since he returned, I have been collecting donations and sending care packages every 3 months to our troops currently serving in Iraq & Afghanistan. Not just my sons unit, but 4 different Army & Marine units staioned there. I have 4 different APO address's I send packages too.

    I am once again collecting on my site and a couple other sites so that I can send needed items to our guys and gals serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. I will be sending, among other things, phone cards, books, instant drink mixes, books, cold weather gear, chap stick, beef jerkey, etc.

    If you would like to contribute you can use paypal and send any amount you wish to Even if it is only a buck or two, they will appreciate it. If you would like to include a little note send it via email to the same address. All notes will be included.

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    When my son-in-law was overseas we sent quarterly care packages to him. Everything we sent was shared and greatly appreciated. We continue to send monthly packages to our daughter in Jacksonville NC who in turn disperses them among the Marines she knows at Camp Lejune.

    When we were visiting her a month ago, we went to a bar to play pool. It was all Marines there so I shared my cigars and bought a round for everyone. They then proceded to buy me drinks. I shook all their hands and caught a few names. Man did we get sh*t faced.

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    One of our care packages sent overseas included a box of cigars. It was a big hit with enlisted and officers.

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    My son bought a box of cubans the last time he was there. He said they were about $1.50 each.

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