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Thread: Ww Iii

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    It's been a while since Fanatic posted a joke so I thought I would put one up.

    President Bush and Rumsfeld are sitting in a bar. A guy walks in and
    asks the barman, "Isn't that Bush and Rumsfeld sitting over there?"

    The bartender says, "Yep, that's them."

    So the guy walks over and says, "Wow, this is a real honor! What are
    you guys doing in here?"

    Bush says, "We're planning WW III."

    The guy says, "Really? What's going to happen?"

    Bush says, "Well, we're going to kill 140 million Muslims and one
    blonde with big tits.

    The guy exclaimed, "A blonde with big tits? Why kill a blonde with big

    Bush turns to Rumsfeld and says, "See, I told you, no one gives a ****
    about the 140 million Muslims".

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    8>) That's a great one! I just sent it on to a couple of degenerate mates, just the kind that will appreciate it. Hope ya don't mind!

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