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  1. Default Who will win the next Super Bowl

    Hey Folks:

    Who's gonna win the next Super Bowl. Will the Pats take their 4th in 5 years??? Will the Eagles ever win one??? Will da'Boys be back in the hunt??? Is there a sleeper to watch out for this year??? Does anybody really care???

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    I like three teams, The Pats, The Niners & anyone playing Dallas! :shock:

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    Ahhh... come on dude... Dallas aint that bad.

    I saw an interesting poll performed by the NFL a while back. They asked a very large sample who was their most loved team and who was their most hated team. The Cowboys were on the top of both lists. When it comes to the Cowboys folks rarely feel indifferent toward them... they either love them or they hate them. I see which category you fit in to.
    :lol: :twisted:

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    On that poll, I'd be willing to bet that the group that hates the Cowboys is mostly made up of Eagles fans. I lived in Philly for a while recently and had to convince people that I was not a Cowboys fan as soon as they found out I was from Dallas. Those people back their NFL team more than any other city, easy. The closest thing to it I've seen was the way San Antonio backs the Spurs.

    I'm actually a Colts fan. I would pay alot more attention to pro sports if they were played by more guys as respectable as Peyton Manning. I think they will really take off as soon as they can figure out how to beat the Pats.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I agree that Manning is a class act!!!

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