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    Default the realm of scotch

    to all scotch drinkers,
    in the wide array of different types, i.e islay,speyside,lowland, or any other.... what is your favorite style and or distillery?
    comments on flavor notes and characteristics would gladly be heard



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    Default Re: the realm of scotch

    If I had sheep, I wouldn't even subject them to dipping in any of the speyside stuff. As a single malt, they are poor paint strippers, too.
    Give me the highlands anyday.

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    Default Re: the realm of scotch

    Though I have enjoyed a variety of Scotches I myself prefer the Glenfiddich pours!!
    My worst day on the water beats my best day anywhere else hands down!!

    Upstream Anglers and Outdoor Adventures

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    Default Re: the realm of scotch

    Budget: Oban. Flavor is maybe more smoky than some would like, but has some of the sweet, light flavors on the palate as well. Probably not a good choice to get a 'newb' into scotch.

    A little less budget: Lagavulin. Delicious! Peat-y and robust. my preferred choice.

    Anything over the $$ of Lagavulin, and I will let someone else buy.

    As a side note, I'm a seasonal scotch drinker, and that season is coming up.

    My drinking seasons are: winter--scotch and reds, summer--light wines (rieslings, pinot grigio, etc.) Spring/ fall--- either pale ale or red wines.

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    Default Re: the realm of scotch

    I visited the Blair Athol distillery in Scotland, they make quite good scotch. However, I tend to prefer less of a smoky taste in mine, and lean more toward the Irish whiskey rather than Scottish whisky. Something about that extra 'e'... I've tried more bourbons than Scotch, a product of spending a time living on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. It's amazing the difference between low-end and high-end Wild Turkey. I do plan on diversifying my knowledge of Scotchs however.I believe Ron Burgundy demands it (I know you're a fan, Casey).
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Was a big Scotch drinker for a long time, but have been transitioning to Bourbon more and more.

    Definitely prefer Highlands Scotch over all others. My preference is for port-wood finished Scotch so my favorties span two distilleries.

    My "special" Scotch is the Balvenie 21yr Port Wood Finish

    My "everyday" Scotch is the Glenmorangie 12 yr Port Wood Finish (I think they have renamed this Quinta Ruban)

    Others that I have enjoyed are:
    Oban 18 yr
    Macallan 18yr
    Balvenie 15yr single cask

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    Default Re: the realm of scotch

    Started out with the 'Glens' but have recently progressed to the following 3 as my favorites. I typically have a bottle of each and open them depending on the occasion. I particularly fancy the Lagavulin - enjoy the 2 or 3 flavors one can experience in a single sip.

    Special Occasions:
    Highland PArk 18yr - Smoky, rich and full flavored with notes of honey and peat and characteristics of toffee sweetness and almond nuttiness.
    Lagavulin 16 yr- a representative of that 'Classic Malt' with a deep, dry and exceptionally peaty note. I find it to be most distinct of all Islay malts.
    General Occasions:
    Balvenie Single Barrel 15 year old & Balvenie 12yr Double Wood

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    Default Re: the realm of scotch

    I love scotch, Scotchy Scotch Scotch. Actually not a huge fan of them, but I haven't given them much of a chance.

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    Default Re: the realm of scotch

    Easy; almost any Islay malt;

    Preferred order:

    Caol Ila

    Here's a story that I think I've recounted before on another thread.

    Marty and I were on vacation in Scotland about 15 years ago; we'd been up the Western side of Scotland to John O'Groats and back down the Eastern side; sampling the scotch malts, among other things, as we went along. The night before we got back to Edinburgh, we stopped at a small Inn in Pitlochery. After kicking the dust off our boots, I decided it was time for a drink in the bar; Marty passed and reached for the pillow. When I got there, the bar was full of what I'd call "local color"; people with loud voices, big smiles and opinions aplenty. I pulled up a bar stool and said the the bartender: "I'll have a Lagavullin; straight up, no ice, no water". The guy sitting next to me, who looked like he made his living pulling trees out of the ground by their roots, turned to me, gave me a once-over look and said: "you'll have a what?" Before I could come up with a pleasant reply he said further: Do you know what that stuff is?". Once again, he beat me to the answer with his own: "It's phiss poured down a chimney!". I smiled a little, but judging his size and demeanor, decided on saying: "What would you recommend?" His answer: "The Macallan; a real malt!" So, discretion usually being the better part of valor, I turned to the bartender and said: "Make that The Macallan." I got a nod and a grunt from my neighbor; he went back to his conversation and I got very familiar with a new malt. Of the Speyside malts, I still prefer The Macallan to this day!

    Recently I was turned on to another malt by some friends in Lyon who knew that I was a scotch drinker. It's called Glen Moray; not very well known outside of Europe not that expensive and on a dark and foggy night off the coast of Maine, the 12 year is drinking particularly well - right now.

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    Default Re: the realm of scotch

    I was stationed in Scotland 1986-1988 courtesy of the USN. Spent the first month in a local Dunoon hotel waiting for housing, and came to know the owner quite well.

    He introduced us to all the great highland malts, with Laphroaig tops on his (and my) list.

    Several month after we moved into housing, we went back to the hotel for drinks and dinner. I told the owner that I had taken up the bagpipes and was doing quite well after finding a local tutor.

    He rolled a mouthful of Famous Grouse (the Budweiser of good Scottish malt) and said," Ah, the pipes. When I hear the pipes it makes me want to drink whiskey and make plans to march on England!"


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