The last line of the lodge den section is "Controversial subjests not allowed." Every once in a while this piece of good advice is ignored. We have a new member or two who seem to enjoy ignoring this reasonable request. It is causing problems. In the past when this occurred, I pointed out what kind of damage it can do to a site like this and used the Spey Pages as a perfect example of what I'm talking about. I do not wish to see this happen here, I did not want to see it happen there. Regardless of this rule it has happened. It happened several times in the past, being committed by long time members who should have known better. It caused trouble and hard feelings which are rearing it's ugly head yet again and this time by new culprits who are pot stirring for lack of a better term. There are hard feelings between people now from the past incidents, some of which have been reignited by present day nonsense. I think the hard feelings for the most part are childish and a waste of time, but I guess I have thicker skin than some. Regardless of my opinion of how childish or silly some of these feelings are, they are nevertheless real and harm the happy air we have so long enjoyed here on this forum. I do not want to see newcomers pot stir, I do not want to see long time members angry, and I certainly don't want the forum to see first hand why all of this is so harmfull. I am not mentioning names, threads or in anyway pointing fingers, so lets not have anymore hard feelings, no more pot stirring, and no more controversial subjects I don't care who's idea it was. The spey pages removed a whole section, banned pemanently members who the owner was a political confederate of, so I'm sure it killed him to do it, but in order to restore civility to some extent the the site it had to be done. Sweetheart of a guy I am, even I have ruffled some feathers and I apologize to whoever feels slighted in some way. I suggest we all take a deep breath, forget all the past BS, move on like adults sans politics, controversial subjects and general pot stirring. On a related note, one of our new pot stirrers has done this on other sites with other names. If it continues I will let the powers that be know who exactly you are. Play nice or don't play. I don't want to see a replay of the spey pages.