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    Default Re: Who's caught...?

    Quote Originally Posted by enolaeagle View Post
    Its a shame that these things come about with such a great group of people here. I would assume that this is something that the moderators here didn't really want to implement but there's a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that a general member isn't aware of. Most forums deal with spam attacks, editing posts, moving threads, have user moderations threads about nimrods that are acting up, discussions about vendors, discussions about general forum operations and so on...
    At the end of the day, something that seems like a huge deal to us is something that keeps the forum running smoothly for the long run.
    Recently, when threads have taken this sort of turn they have been shut down by the mods. Before you posted, it was over 8 years old, so a very inactive thread.
    - William

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    "Extinct" Alvord Cutthroat trout:

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    Default Re: Who's caught...?

    Quote Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
    I also haven't heard much about lakers being caught on a fly. From what I hear they're generally caught while trolling deep in fairly large lakes. I also seem to recall that they are in fact not a trout, but a Char.

    Come to think of it, I have heard mixed views on whether Arctic Char and Dolly Varden are in fact the same thing or if Dollies are a form of Char or what. Does anybody know the whole truth about this classification relationship?

    For that matter, how is it that Browns, Rainbows, Cutthtroats, and Goldens are viewed as true trout when the Browns originated over 4000 miles from the nearest native waters of the Western North American Trout species? (Rainbows, Cutthtroats, and Goldens) Add to that the fact that Brook Trout, which are in fact a Char originated right in the middle of those two areas. Any body know the deal here?
    Arctic Char and Dolly's...are NOT the same thing. Char family, yes but different species in the same family. Also in that family....brook, bull, brown, lakers.

    For that matter, only relatively recently (1978) were bull trout distinguished as being a distinct species from Dolly Varden.

    Actually, 'true trout' are the char species. Rainbows...are genetically linked to pacific salmon and are closer to being 'true salmon' than they are trout.

    As for the who's caught (on a fly)?

    Steelhead? Yes

    Bull Trout? Yes

    Wild Golden Trout? No

    Grayling? Yes

    Dolly Varden? Yes

    Taimen? Wha?

    Marble Trout? (SE European) No

    Lake Trout? Yes

    Arctic Char? Yes

    Inconnu (she-fish): Yes

    King Joe Outa Here!

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    Default Re: Who's caught...?

    Quote Originally Posted by fshfanatic View Post
    Steelhead? Yup

    Bull Trout? Nope

    Wild Golden Trout? Yup

    Grayling? Yup

    Dolly Varden? Nope

    Taimen? Nope

    Marble Trout? (SE European) Nope

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    Default Re: Who's caught...?

    Quote Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
    Recently, when threads have taken this sort of turn they have been shut down by the mods. Before you posted, it was over 8 years old, so a very inactive thread.
    Agreed. What's the purpose of the thread topper post? Heck, some of the participants of the thread haven't been on this board in months... some years....

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    Default Re: Who's caught...?

    Steelhead? No

    Bull Trout? No

    Wild Golden Trout? No

    Grayling? Yes

    Dolly Varden? No

    Taimen? No

    Marble Trout? (SE European) No

    Lake Trout in a river? Yes

    Wyoming bonefish? Yes

    Numberous suckers? Yes

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    Default Re: Who's caught...?

    Well since this 8 year old thread has somehow been resurrected from the dead-thread, I'll go:

    Bull Trout - the biggest fish I've landed on the fly was a Bull of probably 30" and 6-8 lbs.
    Grayling - I've caught small ones in W MT but last summer in Slovenia I caught quite a few landed a truly nice Grayling about 18". My guide said it was a very nice fish for the river we were on.
    Marble -- Nope, but I went to Slovenia dreaming about them. Our guide pointed out a monster to me tucked under a rock ledge, he said it was 12 pound fish!!

    Of course both fish escaped before a photo - my buddy had tailed the Bully for me and was trying to hand me the fish in the water when it kicked free. The Grayling also slipped away while I was trying to pose it with the dorsal up. O well!! I'll remember each for as long as my life allows.

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    Default Re: Who's caught...?

    Of that list, I've landed several steelies on a fly and have managed one grayling.


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    Default Re: Who's caught...?

    Whitefish, landlocked Salmon

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    Default Re: Who's caught...?

    Let's see...I've caught all five species of Pacific salmon. Arctic char and dolly varden. Grayling. Steelhead. How about the various subspecies of cutthroats? I've caught greenbacks, Yellowstones, westslopes, Snake River fine spotted. Those big ugly suckers that live in the Yellowstone and have about the nastiest slime I've encountered on a fish...I keep forgetting their species name.

    I seem to specialize in whitefish.

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