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    Default Photo Theme of the week or Month

    Just wondering if there is any interest in doing a shot of the month type thread.

    In a photo forum I was in many years ago we put up a "theme" for each month, the idea behind it was to prompt the folks to get out and shoot some new pictures each month, and then post one entry each month (or week) and have the folks vote on the best of the week/month. there was no prize really, though on that forum we posted the winner on forum home page for the next month.

    We don't really need to do a contest, but, I thought it might be nice to put together a list of photo themes for each month, and then have our photographers put thier entries in.

    for example, this being fall/november, we could have a theme like "fall colors". Leave it open to the photographer to take and post a picture they like that makes them think of fall colors , could be a fall colored fly, or a picture of leaves falling on a stream, or a turkey and trimmings, whatever, does not really matter what the photographer posts, as long as it is something that they think relates to the theme.

    Any interest in something like this?


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    Default Re: Photo Theme of the week or Month

    Sounds like a good thing to me Dave,

    Although the leaves are done here and I've plowed the drive 5 times already...............I took a lot of pictures this past fall. I will stick to just one frame and if I decide there is something better I'll edit the original out and replace it rather than overrun the thread with my stuff.

    Photo info: Taken September 25 at the end of a days fishing, lens; Nikon 18-55, using Aperture Priority mode f-14 at 1/40 sec the focal length was 32 mm. I used a polarizer on all my fall shots and this was no exception. There was a storm blowing into the mountains and it was about 6:10 PM, the day had been a real experience hiking up a creek that had no shore side path at all. This was one of the only days this year that I actually needed a machete to make my way and I was very glad I had taken it. It's hard to try picking a day or a picture and saying that it was better than others so I'll say it may have not been the best day of the year but it was memorable.


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    Default Re: Photo Theme of the week or Month

    I like it. Here's mine:

    Kelly's No-Tellum Spring Creek:

    I fish, therefore I am - but I gotta go to work first..."piscari ergo sum"

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    Default Re: Photo Theme of the week or Month

    Even though I'm no good at taking or posting pictures I love to see what you guys do. I'd be excited to follow along just to see what's-up and look at our members pictures.

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    Default Re: Photo Theme of the week or Month

    Wow, you guys jumped right in didn't ya

    Those are some beautiful shots, now I gotta dust off the wide angle lens and see if I can get something even close to that nice.

    for this one, we will accept any "fall colors" shot, but for December, we will stipulate the rule that the photo has to be shot in December (of the current year), as the intent of these things is to get and keep the photographer out there shooting


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    Default Re: Photo Theme of the week or Month

    you know Im game, I have played with stuff like this for awhile on various forums, anything from monthly contests that a random member judges and winners get sent forum or subject swag like stickers or hats, dvd's. too one of my favorite the ' photo below is...' thread where say I post a photo of a creek and say the next photo is a reel. the next photo has to be a reel, then that poster carries it on selecting the next subject. I for one like that this is a fishing forum and since we all have this common interest and many of us are active photogs we can get each other involved and share info to suite our needs. I think it might be time to ask the mods to create a catagory on the main forum list to put all the recent photo threads in one sub catagory. lets do this!

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    Default Re: Photo Theme of the week or Month

    Nice shots guys. Ard - that sky is an amazing blue behind that gold cottonwood(?), really beautiful. Kelly - your secret spring looks high and lonesome...and perfect.

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    Default Re: Photo Theme of the week or Month

    I join in...both these shots were taken in the NC side of the Smokies this fall. For the first one, I love the contrast of the gold leaves against the dark green foliage (to my 3yr old they looked like stars) and the second one to me shows how quickly the leaves go from gem like colors to becoming brown flotsam in the water. Both were taken with a polarizer.

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    Default Re: Photo Theme of the week or Month

    One in the fog this morning.


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    Default Re: Photo Theme of the week or Month

    Wonderful shots guys!
    Allan fishing river Hérault last autumn.

    Autumn chub.

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