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  1. Default Opinions for best fly line wanted

    I have a friend who is not getting as much line out as he used to. He is thinking that maybe there is superior line he should be using. So my question is, in your opinion what is the best floating line in 9/10 wt for distance.

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    Default Re: Opinions for best fly line wanted

    Hi Ray,

    Your problem is he is not getting as much line out as he use to! Does that mean he use to cast 90' and now he can only cast 80'? If so a magic line may not help. If the line is dirty or worn then a new line may help but cleaning it could help also. If he has altered his casting stroke or has his double haul out of sync a new line may not help.

    If the solution is a new line then any of the Major Manufacturers "Distance Lines" will work nicely. If he is fishing saltwater then a different line is needed. What is he fishing for?

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    Default Re: Opinions for best fly line wanted

    I woudl say SA's Bonefish line is the best bet for distance, assuming we're not considering shooting head set-ups. That one doesn't work well in cold climates though.

    His casts might not be going as far as they used to because the line has been coiled up on the reel so long he's trying to throw a slinky through his guides. Pulling that older line off the reel and straightening it out would probably help quite a bit.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Point of View(POV) Saltwater Tropical

    I have tried them all...i am a good caster but not excellent...define... by good i mean i can get to the target 50 to 60 feet in wind 60 to 70% with a roll cast out of the hand and two complete cycles...i cannot reach 80-90 even in dead calm with any degree of acuracy and not without 4 complete cycles and by that time the permit is in miami and the tarpon has closed the lead and i've hit him on the dorsal...for floating: my go to is Cortland 444 Tropic Plus...second rio tarpon, permit series

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    I am going with the Dirty Line thing also, but it could also be worn out.
    There are so many GREAT lines on the market these days. Rio, Airflo, Cortland, SA, Orvis, Etc. Ones with the coating, but they do need to be cleaned once in a while. If I find I am not casting as far or the line feels sticky so to speak, I give it a good cleaning (I prefer Glide) and Bamb, the line is like new.
    I do agree with Cliff to go with a taper for casting big distances could help.

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    First I want to thank you for all your response, and yes dirt wear and kink all contribute to the fact that a line is not functioning as well as it might. The real root of the problem I did not mention is that the gentleman is getting older (75+) and does not want to hear that as an answer, so I was hoping some one could point our a GREAT line we had not thought of.
    Thanks again for the replies I appreciate the input!
    Tight lines

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