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  1. Default Our Arizona Vacation

    Well it's not fishing, but June is my wife's month, so that I can take off throughout the year with little to no "Evil Eye".

    Even the June trip usually involves some fishing but my Dad's health is on the downhill slide and we decided to combine a trip with a visit.

    Spent a few days with my Dad, but he also let us steal his Harley for a few days and we crossed the Desert from Yuma into the Mountains. We did a bit of riding, hiking, and sight seeing.

    We had a great time. If your sitting around with nothing to do and have not seen that part of the state there is a two part slide show here.


    Enjoy your day.

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    Default Re: Our Arizona Vacation

    Mark: Great slide show as always. You are definitely talented on the camera. Looks like a great way to take the wife on vacation.


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