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    Default Newspaper Interview

    Today, I received an interesting phone call. Apparently the local newspaper is doing a story about leap year birthdays and they interviewed me.

    I told them about all of the jokes through the years. As in, "Oh sorry, you don't have a birthday this year." My favorite one is when the wife tells me to act my age.

    So, on Wednesday, I'll be a whopping 6 years old hahahaha!

    Of course half my interview was about fly fishing....

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    Default Re: Newspaper Interview

    I'll be 9...

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    Default Re: Newspaper Interview

    me too......


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    Default Re: Newspaper Interview

    So you guys all have a birthday on Wednesday?

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    Default Re: Newspaper Interview

    Wasn't a Leap Year Birthday considered a lucky thing, back in the days of the draft?
    - Rick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    So you guys all have a birthday on Wednesday?

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    Default Re: Newspaper Interview

    To all you Leap Year Babies, Have a Great Birthday!


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