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    Default Re: Hope this is the correct section (invasive fish research paper)

    Another species to consider. This story is from right here in our backyard.
    Residents, officials hope Utah Lake makes comeback |

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    Default Re: Hope this is the correct section (invasive fish research paper)

    As part of your paper you might consider discussing what makes an invasive "good" or "bad". Brown trout are being eradicated in many streams here in Colorado because they have outcompeted native cutthroat populations. In the east, in particular the Smoky Mountains, they are considered as perhaps the major reson brook trout have not been able to become reestablished. A good question might be whether the brown trout is just another snakehead!
    The squawfish is native, not an invasive. In fact, the Colorado River squawfish is considered an endangered species and millions of your taxpayer dollars have been spent on fish ladders on the Colorado and a large fish hatchery in Utah for the production of several species of endangered suckers as well as squawfish. The Yampa River near me is electrofished every summer by several boats and crews with the express purpose of removing northern pike, smallmouth bass, and channel catfish in order to improve the
    survival rate of squawfish, or as they are known around here, Squashfish!
    They have done such a good job the river is not worth fishing any longer.

    Since the pike, bass, and channel catfish are not native to the Yampa, this again raises the question, "Is an invasive "good" or "bad"?

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    Default Re: Hope this is the correct section (invasive fish research paper)

    Another one you can do which is very recent and starting to get alot of attention is lionfish in the gulf of mexico. They are not native to this area, people had them intheir aquariums and dumped them into the ocean now they are everywhere and causing issues. Since they are poisionous, it presents a interesting take on how to control them. Currently its a catch and kill policy in florida for them.
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    Default Re: Hope this is the correct section (invasive fish research paper)

    Not sure about the Northern Squawfish, or Pike Minnow being an invasive at all. "The reservoirs have provided excellent habitat for pikeminnow and given them an advantage over depressed salmon and steelhead populations." In short they are native but due to reservoirs and the dwindling populations of steelhead and salmon due primarily to commercial and native netting, Bonneville Power Admin has placed a bounty on them.  8088
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    Default Re: Hope this is the correct section (invasive fish research paper)

    If you want to do a write up on Northern Pike, one of our trophy trout lakes (Lake Davis) near Reno (actually in Portola California) had a major battle with them over the last 6 or 7 years. They ended up having to poison the lake twice to finally get rid of what some bucket biologist planted in the lake. biggest concern on this one, from what I understand, is that if the fry had gotten into the rivers it could have decimated fish in other lakes, the Truckee, the Little Truckee, and the Lahonton Cutthroat trout in Pyramid lake. Since this is a recent issue I suspect you could get plenty of info from the internet and the CA DFG. My understanding is tens of millions of dollars were spent to eradicate the pike, and the town of Portola had its economy virtually wiped out for 4 to 5 years.

    Here is a link I found when searching northern pike for Lake Davis - $33 million to clean up the mess.

    If you hit the home button on this page it will give a bunch of info on other invasive species programs.

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