Looking for a little Spin fishing rod that is about as compact as my fly rods (easily break down into a 4 piece rod tube)

Budget is $200

Main fish is trout but want one that can handle pan fish or possibly Small mouth bass (small northern idaho smallies). Those are the main fish Im targeting BUT the rod must be able to handle a fish like a salmon or steelhead, not handle as in land but be able to not snap long enough for me to cut the line. Im thinking something like a 6-12 or something similar would work about right wouldnt it? Be a bit big for small trout and pan fish but still be able to handle bigger fish.

Reason I say this is because im off to college and I will be about an hour from FUN smallie and sun fish fishing and about 20 min from trout fishing and 30 min from more trout fishing but the waters are also prime steelhead and salmon country. I dont want to take my 7'+ 2 pc rod because its just too big to store.

I have a small Daiwa Mini spin but its way to small, its only rated for something like 2 lb line, its more compact that what I want.

St Croix has a "Triumph" travel spinning rod, while I enjoy my Triumph fly rod I havent heard much good about the spinning ones.
Cabela's: St. Croix Triumph® Travel Spinning Rods

Eagle Claw I see has one (Is eagle claw worth looking at? Ive never been fully impressed by them)
Cabela's: Eagle Claw Trailmaster Spinning Pack Rods

Cabelas I see has a few different rods, I cant find the other one but heres one I was pondering.
Cabela's: Cabela's Tourney Trail® Spinning Rods - 3 Pcs.