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Thread: Gopro Owners?

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    Default Gopro Owners?

    I bought a GoPro2 a few months back and am still learning the ropes with it. It seems that no matter which setting I record on I'm really not getting that long a battery life and always seem to run out of battery power. I charge both batteries before planning to use also.

    How long do your batteries last per type of recording?

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    Default Re: Gopro Owners?

    With my regular gopro hd (not the hero 2) I would get at least 6 hours. Enough to fill a full day at work while I was in trees.

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    Default Re: Gopro Owners?

    Oh No...............

    You're not gonna have that strapped to your head are you fysh You'll look like a miner.

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    Default Re: Gopro Owners?

    I have one but I tend to run out of memory long before I ever run out of battery?

    I want to say I get roughly 5 hours out of each battery and I have several 8g memory cards.

    I know my buddy has the extra battery pack thing and that may help?
    But I just carry a spare all charged up and all together that seems to easily take care of a weekend, selectively filming of course.

    However I am ordering a goalzero solar charging kit, just to help facilitate in any battery troubles I may run into while on the river.

    Good luck with that and I am already looking forward to any clips you end up putting together!


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    We each have the Hero2, battery life, if charged before use is about 2-3 hr. using 960p. I also bought a couple of Wasabi batteries and charger. Little more mah rating and less expensive then OEM.
    I usually shut it off. It turns on quickly. I got Joni the WiFi bac pak. That setup is great.
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