Sorry Ard, just couldn't resist posting this one up; call it 'Fishing for Dollars?' I don't 'Gamble,' heck just getting up in the AM is enough of that for me ...

"The Indian tribe has purchased/leased property here in Medford to build a Casino (like we need one?).

For context, the '7 Feather's' is at MP 99 on I-5 or 30 some miles north of Grants Pass or 60 some north of Medford (Oregon) and between the two areas we have about 60% of the entire southern half of the States population. (Give or take a few.)

I can see why the Cow Creek folks would take great exception to having another plunked right down in the middle of that. Odd part is the Coc-tribe is located on the NW Coast of Oregon and their Casino is 200'ish miles to the east in Bend, Oregon. Go figure?

"Cow Creek Umpqua Tribe opposes Medford casino plan
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September 10, 2012

An American Indian tribe that operates Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville will block efforts by another tribe to build a proposed casino in Medford.

"We must oppose," said Susan Matheson Ferris, spokeswoman for the Cow Creek Umpqua Tribe.

She said the effort to create another casino by the Coquille Indian Tribe, which already operates a casino in North Bend, runs counter to an executive order signed by Gov. John Kitzhaber during his prior administration allowing one gambling operation for each tribe in the state.

The Coquille Indian Tribe recently purchased Kim's Restaurant and Roxy Ann Lanes in south Medford along South Pacific Highway. The tribe has agreed to lease Bear Creek Golf course, next to the two buildings. The tribe will attempt to place the property in a U.S. government trust that starts a process that could lead to reservation status.

The Coquilles operate The Mill Casino in North Bend.

Under the 1989 federal restoration act, the Coquille tribal service area includes Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson and Lane counties."

From the Mail Tribune.