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    Default Live feed on FOX: "GET OFF!! GET OFF!! GET OFF!! The live feed.!!

    Major (Arizona) car chase, over 100'ish miles. Whole thing is being broadcast live via a helo-feed. Guy finally pulls off onto a dirt road and gets out of the vehicle, and does a short run and shoots himself in the head!


    Next bit was a heart felt apology from the Shepard Smith. "We have this on a 5 second delay in case something bad happens; we couldn't shut down the feed fast enough.. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

    U tube, here it comes .........
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Live feed on FOX: "GET OFF!! GET OFF!! GET OFF!! The live feed.!!

    I've heard jails in AZ have really bad food.

    "Every [child] has the right to a first fish. On this particular planet, no man is granted a greater privilege than to be present and to assist in the realization of this moment". Bill Heavey

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    Default Re: Live feed on FOX: "GET OFF!! GET OFF!! GET OFF!! The live feed.!!

    The car chase thing on TV has become really old hasn't it? And that was before we are forced to watch some idiot plug himself. By the way, 5 seconds is a long time, so what the heck was the guy setting on the switch doing? Seriously! Have someone say "Go!", and time how long it takes to find your remote and turn off the TV. I can do it under 5 seconds with the remote acroos the whole room to start. I think they need a new button guy.

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