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    Default Research project idea?

    Saw this on youtube and wondered why I didn't manage this as a senior thesis in college, looks more interesting and enjoyable than Kant.

    [ame=]The Complete Angler - Full length version - YouTube[/ame]

    Perhaps Gatortransplant can work it into his PhD?
    - William

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    Default Re: Research project idea?

    I had to stop watching so that I could get some schoolwork done (ironically enough). I will likely have to digest this piece in segments, but it already has me hooked. While I would love fishing to be related to my academic work, I've learned from events in the past that I need to keep some separation between my hobby/obsession and my primary work. In that way it makes the both of them worthwhile, as well as not risking total burn-out. However, working at sites that lie alongside trout streams is completely acceptable I do need to get my hands on a copy of the Compleat Angler, though I will likely not be able to read it cover to cover before the new year. Robbie, the older Irishman speaking in the pub on catching mayflies reminds me very much of my friend Padraig. Makes me miss my visits to Ireland. Maybe the honeymoon...

    Thanks very much for the post, William! Certainly a worthy video!
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Default Re: Research project idea?

    Really enjoyed this. Strikes at the heart of what fly fishing is all about.
    We all go on about the big ones, or the latest fly gear, and the escape,
    but the lad was right about it being a search not an escape. That connection to nature that seems to elude us during our daily grinds.

    Thanks William
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    Default Re: Research project idea?

    I've watched that before in the past and its always a nice little piece of film to be brought up and seen. I think its how I will spend my lunch break today.
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

    Storm Drain Bonefisher

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    Default Re: Research project idea?

    I'm glad you all enjoyed the video. I found it a bit ago while playing on Apple TV as a baby napped on me Nice, reflective video for times you can't be on the water. I know what you mean about keeping 'work' and play separate. I enjoy both and am glad my work has me so close to some nice streams even though many days I'm looking at the mountains while waiting for elevators in the hospital
    - William

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    Default Re: Research project idea?

    Very reflective, enjoyed the post.


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