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    Default Re: The Beast again!

    Quote Originally Posted by dean_mt View Post
    Lookin good. What do you mean by "deer ham"? Is it a rump roast or some such cut? I assume it is one of those bacon latticed hunks! What do you cook it to internally? Sorry for all the questions ... I like to cook and I have a big buck hanging in my garage that I have to butcher this weekend. Thanks!
    It is the hind quarter(upper leg) of the deer.I stripped away as much silver skin as I could.Then I injected with a store bought garlic herb marinade and covered it with bacon. I smoked it at 250* until the internal temp was at 160*. The "bacon latticed" items are fatties. Breakfast sausage rolled out flat, covered with cheese, rolled back up and covered with a basket weave of bacon and the cooked in a smoker. I did ten the day I took this pic.

    " Are you happy? If not, why not?"

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    Default Re: The Beast again!

    Paymaster: I was wondering what you had in the bacon wrap, I bet that breakfast sausage is to die for! Thanks for sharing.


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    Default Re: The Beast again!

    love the color on those ribs
    great looking grub!



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    Oh Lord, I am a great "meat lover" and your pictures look really, really tasty

    But last week I got my current cholesterol values and my doctor was not very proud about me So I have to reduce such food in the future and I have to switch more to "rabbit food"
    Best regards from Germany,


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