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    Default Archaeoastronomy

    The scientific study of the beliefs and practices concerning astronomy that existed in ancient and prehistoric civilizations
    You can find some pretty strange stuff if you spend enough time in the woods and with the upcoming solstice and the all the talk of the Mayan calendar ending, I've been thinking of taking an early morning visit to a archaeoastronomic site I found a few years back while hiking in a local forest.
    While it's on public land it has never be publicized due to potential vandalism. .
    It's a prehistoric "dancing site" dating back to the early Archaic period and was first in use from six thousand to as much as ten thousand years ago for ceremonies and as a calendar to chart the solstices and the corn growing season.

    Like I said, I first came upon this site while doing a little off-trail hiking and discovered a granite boulder covered with petroglyphs.
    On the right in the picture you can see the image of a quartz toothed bear and on the left some sort of horned deer or moose along with other carvings

    As you can imagine this peaked my curiosity and I found that while the site is known to state archaeologists and the local native tribes, for the general public it's kinda been hidden in plain sight.
    After some research on the ceremonial significance I returned to discover one other carved rock, the head of a serpent, but never did figure out where all the other megaliths of the calender were.
    Now, with the upcoming solstice and the Mayan connection, I figure that this is probably the very best time to figure this out.

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    Default Re: Archaeoastronomy

    Good post Rip,specially in time when on National Geography Chanel in right corner is written:3 days left

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    Default Re: Archaeoastronomy

    Hey Rip when you figure it out can you ask it if I'll get the chance to fish the cane rods it took me months to build and perfect? I'd hate to wake up on Friday to Yellowstone blowing or something like that!

    All jokes aside this kind of stuff has always peeked my interest. While I don't put much stock into the Mayan Calendar, its still interesting. From the ancient petroglyphs to Rune Stones there's always a poignant message.
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