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    I don't know how closely y'all follow basketball, But I laughed out loud when I saw this picture of KG today

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    is it basketball season? I thought that started in the spring and ran thru June. Aw, that's just when every team makes the playoffs, huh? Well....I sometimes watch the last 2 rounds of playoffs if there are no Bill Dance re-runs on.

    Somebody said something about hockey the other day too. Is there still professional hockey? I had thought that league folded the same time as women's soccer??

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    just funnin

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    Who is KG?

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    Kevin Garnet. Koby Bryant is a KJ wannabe
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    Great pic! Haha! Greater player! Season is never long enough for me! Go to HS games when I feel withdrawal symptoms coming on ! Nice one Rip!
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