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Thread: Imagine my suprise when......

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    Default Imagine my suprise when......

    Old post, useless info.
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    Default Re: Imagine my suprise when......

    It isnt hard to do any of this. I used to be a hacker I guess I could still be considered one, but I have grown up and seen what bad things can happen and just so happens is how I got my job, though I am now on the engineering side of things, but really if I wanted I could find out a lot of information from any website, so finding an email address is not hard, really endless ways of finding email addresses just like phone numbers.

    Personally if I dont know the email I spam it, if it is someone really trying to get ahold of me they will find a way to get ahold of me or they know my work email which, if spam get past all the firewalls we have in place they deserve my attention lol

    But the saying, if it sounds to good to be true, it is to good.

    Also typically these are not actual people sending these but a bot someone has programmed.

    here is a great example of a bot produced site. No one is actually writing these, they just programmed it to find random info and write a story about it.
    For a new one just refresh, and that is how easy it is to make people believe anything, it even lists resources.

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