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    Default Re: Refuse To Fish Without It: Anyone Else Carry Nostalgic Gear?

    Quote Originally Posted by noreaster View Post
    I have that exact 4 wt St. Croix myself. I think it fishes great.
    Me too. I was fishing this private spring creek and noticed a big bow tucked under a overhanging sycamore. I'd heard he'd be there from the shop. The angles and tight brush made it hard to get in there with a 9' 5 Helios mid flex needing a bit more line than I had room to cast with. I did have a 8'6 3wt full flex but that was a bit too soft to throw the big streamers I had. I was saving it for dries later that day.

    The St. Croix was perfect for the spot. Honestly I was a little skiddish about using it since I hadn't in a while and I didn't want to blow it. It's rated as a fast action, but man it performed well right between that full flex Superfine Touch and that (stiffer) Helios.

    Got the fly where it needed to be. I didn't land it but I rekindle a liking for that 4wt right then.

    It's a keeper.
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    Default Re: Refuse To Fish Without It: Anyone Else Carry Nostalgic Gear?

    Quote Originally Posted by roofish View Post
    noreaster, 1st of all, being from Bangor, Maine originally I Love your screename
    2nd my Dad taught me how to fish, not fly fish, but fish none-the-less. I sure miss him
    & I Love that bag! The 1st link has a bag you may like

    For those of you that mentioned old fly wallets

    Custom Leather Fly Wallets

    fly fishing wallet | eBay
    Thanks for the kind words. Bet there is some nice fishin in your neck of the woods. Always wanted to trout fish Maine.
    My dad too taught me how to both spin fish and fly fish. Love him to bits.

    Very cool site. That guy does some sweet leather work. Love the idea of a custom leather wallet. May have to toy with the idea. Thanks roofish.
    "Whale oil beef hooked !"- Traditional east coast fishermen saying

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