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Thread: Moonshine

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeepster ii View Post
    Great thread. I have lots of stories about growing up in moonshine country. Moonshine and **** hunting comes to mind. My next door neighbor's were moonshiner's. I learned how to make it, how to test the bead, how to break the bead down, and I made moonshine in science class as a class experiment one time. I've been around a few stills, too. That was all over forty years ago in bristol, tenn/va. My neighbor's brother was a well known moonshiner in those days. He roamed tenn, va, ky, nc, wherever they were looking for him the least. He would come back to bristol once in a while and live with his brother next door. His name was Trig Baumgartner.

    I believe the largest still ever found was in tenn. The last time I got some shine we had to go to the flea market in abingdon, va to get it. Ever since sullivan county became wet and with the virginia abc stores around and everybody dying off it has gotten hard to find.

    The one thing I would like to add to this thread is horehound candy. You may have heard of dropping a piece in the jar to take the edge off. That goes way back with drinking tenn moonshine. I never cared for the stuff. I used to bring that candy out to arizona with a jar of shine whenever I went back to visit my mom. It's disgusting but a part of my heritage. I like a lemon drop or mint. I've had moonshine mellowed in a char burnt barrel for one whole day and that takes the edge off, too. But if want the full experience get yourself a bag a horehound candy to go with that white lightning.
    Great story, Steve! I won't be partaking, but I love to hear that kind of story.

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    Ageing shine ? Not sure how that helps Dad said he aged a quart one time for three hours,,didn't seem to help it a bit.

    My Momma, in her older years, keep a pint of shine , with rock candy in it,,for coughs and colds.. and stuff. Our entire family was very sickly I used to tease her in front of her Church buddies about using the 'shine' for just medicinal purposes,,and wearing the teaspoons into straight silver stems. I'd get that Momma 'Eastwood' stare and knew then to say no more lol

    God Bless her Saintly Soul,,she was something else lol

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    aged shine = whiskey (yes, prefer Scotch, so whiskey...not whisky)

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    There is/was more than a bit of truth to the above. Old Days 'Shiners (think that's the proper term) would use old Auto Radiators to cool/strain this stuff. Problem was the cores were made (large component anyway) of Lead. Not a GOOD THING!
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    It's hard to think that people would actually 'like' moonshine. I've had some smooth stuff but tasty? Not yet and time's running out.
    Now if you asked about Stomp that's a different story. I've had lemon drop stomp that was completely innocent and good tasting. I hurt myself on that stuff.

    I've also has several other fruit-filled varieties with some downright tasty and others just plain scary tasting. It's like anything else I guess.

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    I should of started this thread titled .. Who likes a drop..

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    Apple Pie 'Shine


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    The best shine I've ever had comes out of the hills of southwest Arkansas and southeast Oklahoma. I always keep some in the cabinet.

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