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Thread: Working in Fly shops

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    Default Re: Working in Fly shops

    Thanks for the help guys.

    One shop advertised wanting summer help on Facebook a couple days ago, I'll stop by the others in town and see if they'll except applications also. I'll let you all know how those turn out.

    I'm going to call or drive down and see of they want fishing experience on the resume, but I don't know how I would write that down? If someone has an example, I'd love to see it.

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    Default Working in Fly shops

    I work in a shop and I all but got on my knees and begged to be given a shot! One thing that will really help is just going in and BS'ing with the guys there.

    Anybody working at a shop needs to be passionate and knowledgable. And while an understanding and knowledge is great, your passion will go even further.

    I'm a younger guy looking to be an ambassador to the sport and get more young bucks involved! It's great to see someone looking to get involved. Good luck and remember, guys working in shops love talking fishing, so go talk!

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