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    Default Re: Here We Go, This Is The Made In The USA Thread;

    Following the Pleasanton Fly Show:
    Abel nippers

    I am fulfilled.

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    Default Re: Here We Go, This Is The Made In The USA Thread;

    Here's some of mine: Anvil Apex vise, My guns: Remington rifle, Ruger pistol, Winchester shotgun, Ithaca shotgun, Mossberg shotguns.

    "Every [child] has the right to a first fish. On this particular planet, no man is granted a greater privilege than to be present and to assist in the realization of this moment". Bill Heavey

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    Default Re: Here We Go, This Is The Made In The USA Thread;

    Here are a few of my "made in the USA" purchases over the past few years:

    1. St. Croix rods (several... Legend Ultra, Avid, USA-made Imperial, and a Pro Graphite when I was just getting started)
    2. Ross reels
    3. Simms waders
    4. Griffin tying vice
    5. 2002 Explorer and a 2011 F150
    6. Remington shotgun and Ruger rifle
    7. Irish Setter hunting boots (most models are Asian imports, but a couple are at least assembled here) and Red Wing work boots made here in MN
    8. Redfeather snowshoes
    9. PrincetonTec headlamps for backcountry fishing trips and hunting
    10. Lots of flyfishing and fly tying books and magazines printed in USA, at least mostly on American paper... A subject near and dear since the money for all these other items comes from my career making paper!

    It's too bad that what we buy that's made here are exceptions to the norm worth talking about...


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    Default Re: Here We Go, This Is The Made In The USA Thread;

    pbr six pack
    bottle o' beam
    cortland fly line
    sack of idaho taters
    wi brick cheese
    fiestaware dishes



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    Default Re: Here We Go, This Is The Made In The USA Thread;

    Costa 580 glasses
    2 Winston rods
    Galvan torque
    Orvis Silver Sonic waders
    Simms Wading boots
    Fishpond vest
    Rio Gold fly lines
    and hopefully an Orvis Hydros 2 soon!!
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    Default Re: Here We Go, This Is The Made In The USA Thread;

    Not a high ticket item, but.. Bison Designs T Lock belt - made in Colorado

    Basically sharing because I recently broke one that I'd had for a very long time and when I sent an email asking if I could buy a replacement buckle, they said "send it in and we will fix it for free" which I especially appreciated since fixing it myself would have meant pushing my sewing machine way past its intended use, but I haven't been able to kill it yet.

    So I guess this is a shameless plug, but these belts are light weight and what I use as a wading belt and since the buckles are Delrin or something they don't damage/scratch fishing gear, fire arms, good for working on cars etc. I have several of that I originally got at REI.

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    Default Re: Here We Go, This Is The Made In The USA Thread;

    Good to see all these American products being mentioned, I forgot to note the jet unit on my boat motor. The engine is Honda but the jet is made in California.


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    Default Re: Here We Go, This Is The Made In The USA Thread;

    Time for an update:

    1. 1 Filson tin cloth field coat - Washington
    2. Filson wool jacket - Washington
    3. 2 Filson moleskin vests - Washington
    4. 2 Filson totes - Washington
    5. Filson shooting shirt - Washington
    6. 1 Orvis ZG Helios 9'5 wt rod - Vermont
    7. 1 Hatch Finatic 3+ Reel - California
    8. Abel Nippers - California
    9. 1 Orvis Superfine Touch 8'6" 3wt - Vermont
    10. 1 Spyderco Knife - Colorado
    11. Lonewolf Tree climbing stand - Illinois
    12. Mathews DXT Compound Bow - Wisconsin
    13. 1 CF Burkheimer Vintage trout rod - Washington
    14. 1 Saracione MarkIV trout reel- Oregon
    15. 1 Tim Borski painting - Florida
    16. 1 Stoneycreek oak Fly tying desk - Pennsylvania
    17. 1 Custom made oak toasting box to carry whisky and glasses - Rhode Island
    18. 2 CRKT EDC knives - North Carolina
    19. Several pairs of Darn Tough Socks - Vermont
    20. Martin-00028 Guitar, sold it :-( - Pennsylvania
    21. 1 80 yo quarter sawn white oak rocker made in New York. Restored in 2008 in Virginia. Received as wedding gift from my in laws.
    22. Orvis WILLs leather bracelet - Oregon
    23. 1 pair of Chippewa boots - ????
    24. Renzetti Traveler vise - Florida
    25. Portenzo ipad case - Missouri
    27. SAGE ONE rod sold it -- Washington
    28. Oakley sunglasses
    29. 1 Hatch Finatic 5+ Reel - California
    30. 1 Hatch Finatic 4+ Reel - California
    31. 1 Orvis ZG Helios 9' 7 wt rod - Vermont
    32. 1 Orvis H2 9' 6wt rod - Vermont
    33. 1 Abel Grateful Dead Limited edition 4N - California
    34. 1 Hatch Finatic 7+ - California
    35. 1 Orvis H2 9' 8wt rod - Vermont
    36. 1 Regal vise
    37. 1 Filson briefcase
    38. 1 Filson field bag
    39. 1 Filson sportsman bag
    40. 1 pair of Simms nippers
    41. 1 Filson wallet - Washington
    42. 1 Colter wallet - Connecticut
    43. 1 Lamson Guru
    44. 1 Lamson Speedster
    45. 1 Filson Light Field coat
    46. 1 Filson sporting clays coat
    47. 1 Filson tin cloth jacket
    48. 1 Filson hunting vest
    49. 1 Filson wool zip in vest
    50. 1 Eagle Claw EC-10 reel

    I hit 50! No need to record anymore….
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