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    Default Freeze dried meals....

    This summer when visiting Ard we had a couple Mountain House Brand meals while on the road, needless to say we were pleasantly surprised at the quality of them from the freeze dried/dehydrated meals we had years before.
    Just curious as to other brands or flavors of the same brand that some of you might recommend. We had the Chili mac, Potato & broccoli, and I think the other was Chicken Ala King.

    Since the quality is so much better it's going to make meals on the river and camping so much easier, love the minimal cleanup.

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    Default Re: Freeze dried meals....

    John: I agree, last year when we did the four day horse pack trip into the Winds, the basis of all our meals was Mountain House freeze dried, they were excellent, much better then the freeze dried meals I had used back packing the Blue Ridge Mtns in the 70's.

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    Default Re: Freeze dried meals....

    I've since learned that a friend of mine a few times a year has "Mountain Home Night" for dinner, his kids get all kinds of crazy excited about it.

    What meals did you have?

    We want to try the Breakfast Burrito ones.

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    Default Re: Freeze dried meals....

    I've been pleasantly surprised at the quality of the FDMs these days because, like some of you, I remember when they weren't so good, to put it kindly. I think Mountain House is the best.
    That being said, I don't use them on my wilderness trips. Instead, I purchased a dehydrator and a Food Saver and do my own sauces, fruits, jerky. For me, it's analogus to catching a fish on a fly you tied yourself. And I know what's in the bag - quality stuff from the local farmer's market. And as those who have them know, a dehydrator and the Food Saver are truly the kind of tools that pay for themselves.

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    Default Re: Freeze dried meals....

    Don't get me wrong, doing your own sounds to be the ticket but.............. Honest to God I / we are very busy and I don't see that happening here. Given the level of toxins in the air - water - and the GMO's showing up in many food products not to mention many additives I would need my Chemistry texts to identify................. The Mountain House stuff gets by in a pinch

    I haven't seen Backpacker's Pantry anywhere for years, are they still in business?

    I used to spend extended camps in Northern PA., Maine & the Adirondacks. My PA. camp had a food cache that I used to hike in periodically to stock with MRE's. Now there's some good stuff when you're hungry For the out of state destinations I packed a combo of MRE and freeze dried delicacies.

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    Arrow Re: Freeze dried meals....

    The only time I've ever had good freeze dried meals was one year in January, about a dozen guys and myself stayed three nights in a giant snow cave at the base of the Tetons. Averaged -20F at night. Never had freeze dried food that tasted so good ever since. But under those conditions, just about anything tastes amazing.

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    Default Re: Freeze dried meals....

    I typically just pack beef/deer jerky and peanut butter lol.

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    Default Re: Freeze dried meals....

    MRI's have come a long way ...... Remember a meal in the 'bush.' Loaded M15 across my lap, back to a tree. The can fill date was in mid- WW2. 15'ish years old, but still 'eatable' depending upon how hungry you were.

    Kidding aside, every home should have at least three or four days of these things in storage. Ship Happens. Add heated water and you're eating.


    Edit: Speaking of water; you'll need far more than you think. Don't use tap water, drop a dollar and get gallon containers of distilled.
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Freeze dried meals....

    Ard, making your own is really not very time consuming. I mean you're making some dinners anyway. Take spaghetti. Next time you make the sauce, just make extra, spread it on the tray, turn the dehydrator on and walk away. When it's ready, it takes less than a minute to seal it up on the Food Saver. Same with chili and taco sauce, etc.
    What made me really, really nervous is being out in the wilderness and trying my own for the first time. Is it going to work or are we having fish tonight again? But they've all been great.
    And then there is the cost savings. Two servings of MH for $7 (maybe more where you are). I can feed six for less than that.

    You can purchase Backpacker's Pantry from REI online - don't know about in their stores.

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    Default Re: Freeze dried meals....

    I dated a hippie chick a while back and she dehydrated every dam thing, one word....Yukky!
    Oh I live to be the ruler of life not a slave

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