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    Question A question for you fruit tree owners/guess crop?

    My main two fruit trees (Cherry and a Peach, supposedly self pollinating) and now going into their third year and looking good. Lots of flower, etc.

    Last year neither (year two) put out not much more than a handful of fruit, but not much in the way of flowers either. At what point do these things really kick into gear?

    Now if we were talking about grape vines I could 'over-kill' you with information.
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    Default Re: A question for you fruit tree owners/guess crop?

    Question 1

    Are you pruning back in the fall? This years shoots will be next years peaches so prune away last years branches.

    Pick off all fruit this year after bloom and all next year, right now you want root growth and main limb growth...No fruit.

    Get another tree anyway, it really helps with pollination.

    Spray for bugs, spray for bugs, ohh did I mention spray for bugs before budding out, after budding out and a couple of times during the summer.

    Peaches are sold by the pound, soooo this means lots of water during the summer, deep soaks at least twice a week, more if hot and windy.

    Peach trees need a minimum of 5 years before even thinking about letting them make fruit, yah really need to get the roots and fruit bearing limbs strong enough to handle the growth of fruit and the weight.

    I have 3 peach, 3 apple and 1 pear, but I have major peach tree orchards just down the road from me, they are tight lipped about their secrets but I have learned this much from them.

    Good Luck

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    Default Re: A question for you fruit tree owners/guess crop?

    Fred: Interesting, I was reading an article in the local Pinedale paper where they were talking about growning grapes and fruit trees in Wyoming, but I'm thinking they must have been talking about the east side of the state where it gets really hot in the summer (not around here). One summer I paid a visit to Kalispell, MT and they grow Rainier cherries, which really seemed odd seeing how far north Kalispell is.

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