Thanks for all the info posted here. I've learned a lot since starting fishing with my Tenkara rod and trout fishing in general.

I'm gathering some info about a potential site for the backpacking and fishing community and I would really appreciate your feedback on some info. Here are 3 quick questions:

1. Would you watch in-depth, live seminars about fishing, backpacking, etc., in an interactive social platform where you are able to ask the instructor questions and connect with other course participants for free? If you missed a class or wanted to know more, you can purchase copies of the courses at any time. These seminars would be taught by professional guides, fishermen, or outdoorsmen and the seminars' length would vary from a hour or so to multi-day events, depending on the topic.
2. Would you pay to access these multi-hour/day courses if you could not attend live (prices vary depending on length and topic)?
3. Have you attended any type of class at REI, local fly fishing store or other sporting goods store in your area?

Additional info:
* Once you pay, you can watch as many times as you like
* All the material that was provided during the live seminar will be provided afterward
* Seminars are professionally shot and moderated
* Additional learning material provided for download (docs, images, etc)
* There will be individuals in attendance with the instructor in addition to those watching on the internet

If something like this already exists, can you send a link? I've done a fair amount of research and couldn't find anything, but I also could have missed it.

Thank you,