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Thread: Insurance Rant

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    Default Insurance Rant

    Not fly fishing related so going here in general discussion.

    Friendly reminder to keep your insurance agent honest. I've been asleep at the wheel , which is odd because I am cheap.

    2008 homeowners policy $800 per year
    2013 premium, same house , coverage and no claims $2350

    2008 auto policy for 2 cars $80 per month
    2013 same same except newer cars , even though had new ones in 2008 as well $150 per month

    Don't be asleep at the wheel. My buddy just re did his with comparable cars and a house worth 100k more and he is paying $200 per month less than me. Do you realize how many nano fiber , Kevlar lined, 3M nano resin from mars super duper fly rods per year I could buy with this savings....uggggggg
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    Default Re: Insurance Rant

    Yikees! That is one steep increase, I feel your pain!

    Last week I went to Denver to take my son and his family to a Rockies ballgame. He lives in Milliken, CO and told me he got his tax assessment on his house, it jumped $250,000 from last year. He is going to try and protest such a high increase in one year.

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    Default Re: Insurance Rant

    " I'm an American, and I vote with my wallet "
    Sounds like it's time to find a new agent.
    " I'm just a cook " Casey Ryback, Under Siege

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    Default Re: Insurance Rant

    My first position after graduation was in the insurance industry. After a year i was done....couldnt look myself in the mirror anymore..

    Soooo, i became a banker...........

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    Default Re: Insurance Rant

    I can't stand the insurance industry. They are legalized thieves without control !

    I pay more to them than I am taxed for government services. ....and government is what most will point a finger at causing our financial woe.

    Sure I can shop my policies but do I have to do it every 6 months. I receive all the discounts from my premiums that are available and still face an increase at renewal.


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    Default Re: Insurance Rant

    When I moved to MT from NH my auto premiums nearly doubled. Been a long time member of USAA and great institution but switching to Geico saved me $630 a year just in auto for the same coverage. Felt weird parting with USAA after 10 years.

    Had my brother do a check on his and he saved about $200 for a six month period. For those that haven't shopped around in a while it's probably worth a look. I'm thinking this savings will transition nicely into a new 7wt for streamer season.

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    Default Re: Insurance Rant

    The Gecko dropped 50% of of what I was paying for car ins. (Part of it was they have a short view of driving history - for me that's important.)
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    Default Re: Insurance Rant

    Changed all of our insurance this year and saved HUGE money. I would have been happy with small money and ditching our annoying agent! Life is good!

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    Default Re: Insurance Rant

    Quote Originally Posted by mridenour View Post

    Changed all of our insurance this year and saved HUGE money. I would have been happy with small money and ditching our annoying agent! Life is good!
    Same here. We had a 3-yr run with Geico and this year they decided to triple our homeowners policy... I gave them a chance to step up and they fell well short of the mark. So we jumped ship.

    Happy for now... but it's early!

    This seems to be a 3-5 year cycle for us.

    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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    Default Re: Insurance Rant

    That little plug in thing under the dash is well worth the 6 months time. My auto insurance premium (and I don't drive that much) dropped by close to 2/3's.

    Gather its like a small cell phone sort of thing that reports when you drive, how far you drive, time, speed, etc. A frequent history of high speed breaking is not a good thing. Driving between 11 PM and 3 AM apparently is also not a good thing unless there's a consistant history of such. (Shift work related.)

    Don't know if it's still true, but a neighbor up in Washington was a State Patrol Officer. Told me that at 3 AM it was likely that 1 in 3 drivers were 'impared' to one degree or another.

    HO also went down a bit but not paying anything like the premiums guys are posting above.
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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