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There was a question posted regarding rod design and the different manufacturers. And although I really didn't have an answer on the tip of my mind I wrote this as a reply. I was just thinking that if you hadn't saw it you might find it now.......................

Could I explain rod design and the differences between makers?

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I'm probably not the best person to try this but here goes; In the beginning there was darkness and the world was without fly rods. God saw that this was not good and so he gave us men who would craft rods from various woods and these men begat others who would create split bamboo fly rods.

For many years man lived in a virtual paradise casting with bamboo although many men believed they could create better rods by using mathematics to conjure what they called 'tapers' and these men became great leaders among the people.

Soon the rod makers had followers, the followers were almost as worshipers of the rods and tapers created by their leaders. Of these makers there were prophets in their ranks, Leonard - Orvis - Thomas - Gilliam - Garrison - and other lesser known makers vied for the following of the masses of fish worshiper's who would pay a kings ransom for their svelte sticks made from splines of fired & impregnated cane. And there was a peace and calm on the waters and flies were cast, God saw this and saw that it was good.

Time turned and man had found many ways to produce all sort of unique materials through chemistry and engineering. Some men saw that a new material, 'fiberglass' could possibly be formed into shafts with which a fly line could be cast and they began to do this. Some made solid glass rods and others wound the fiberglass about mandrels and created 'hollow' rods. The hollow rod soon became the new religion of the fish worshipers and the makers of these rods relied on secret 'tapers' to lure the market to their product.

Soon man had begun to reach into the universe and those who would create fly rods began to look on graphite and boron fibers as a possible new way to create an even lighter and more powerful fly rod.

God saw this and knew that things were hopeless and that the fish worshipers would certainly lust after this new light and fast fly rod in a craven manner.

Today we have more makers than I or perhaps even God can name but it is their chemical compounding - engineering - tapers - and hardware's that set the various rods apart from one another in both price and performance. Fast tips, slow traditional actions, super light, the rods are all different. One can either be lured by the marketing of the manufactures or if you know someone who uses a particular brand of rod you can trust their advice on what works well.

Meanwhile, the fish worshipers still cast with bamboo rods and the early glass & graphite rods. God sees this and knows that it is good

In other words I don't really know.

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