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    Default question for prescrition glasses wearers

    I recently got a "mild" correction for glasses that correct my left eye to "normal". The right lense is just clear glass. The main reason I got them was because I see two superposed images of lights (street lights, moon etc.) at night from my left eye and wanted that checked out. The Dr. said that this was likely from small cataracts (in both eyes) amplifying the defect in the left - which was not so noticeable before the cataract formation.

    But when I put them on, it seems like by brain does not know what to do for a while, and lags behind on focusing when I switch from looking at things at difference distances. It seems like the glasses are putting more stress on my eye than they are helping. In other words, it seems more like I have two eyes working separately than a pair of eyes working together.

    The glasses I got are polarized sun glasses so I only wear them when outside.

    So my questions are: will this eventually go away? And, if so, will it screw up my eyes when I take the glasses off?

    Incidentally, I bought a pair of Costa 580p's at a VA concession yesterday at a much cheaper price than on the internet, and can see much more clearly at normal distances than through the prescription polarized sunglasses. I think this is because they allow more light in- even though they appear to be darker than the others.

    I can see small things at great distances more clearly with the prescription glasses, however.

    I would like to get some 580 glass Costa's but would like to get them with the presecription if : a) that is the correct prescription and b) if my brain is not so stubborn it won't adapt to the prescription and let my eyes work together again.

    Thanks for any insight. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: question for prescrition glasses wearers

    When I get a new prescription it does take a bit for my eyes to adjust. I don't know how long it will take for you but it can be at bit odd while it happens. If it is particularly distressing, visually confusing, or painful (headaches) might want to call your doc again. When it happens to me it feels like my eyes aren't quite focusing but is more annoying than problematic.
    - William

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  4. Default Re: question for prescrition glasses wearers

    Hi there. It took about three different optometrists before someone got mine right. So I would always recommend at least doing a second if the option is available. Also, there are muscles in your eye that focus for you. You have to build up those muscles to work with your correction, the most I've ever had is about two days but I've heard some people say a week. Also though, the correction you use will make your eyes not use certain focus muscles anymore. You will jump around in prescription for the first year or two until your eyes finally settle in. Hope any of my ramblings made sense this morning. Good luck with the glasses

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    Default Re: question for prescrition glasses wearers

    Thanks guys. It does affect me less now that at first - when I was seeing two of everything. Now I just have to blink a lot and that seems to help when I change focus distance. It still feels like it is straining my eyes though.

    I think I will go to a local optician and see if he can check the glasses and my left eye to see if he thinks the prescription is correct. He dug a sliver of brass out of one of them last winter and was a really nice guy as well as reasonably priced.

    Thanks again. Cheers, Jim

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    Exclamation Re: question for prescrition glasses wearers

    The 'problem' may be is your going to an 'optometrist' not a real vision MD? No disrespect intended, but very different skill set levels. I'm not kidding, you've got only one set of 'eye-balls,'; DON'T SCREW AROUND!

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: question for prescrition glasses wearers

    Just for information sake, it takes 4 years of college, with degree to be able to enroll in optometry school. Then 4 more years are required to get a doctor of optometry degree. Then boards and licensing. Then, you can hand out a shingle and see patients. 12 years of elementary education, then 8 more years of college. That's why you call them doctor.
    " I'm just a cook " Casey Ryback, Under Siege

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    Default Re: question for prescrition glasses wearers

    Yes the training is different - optometrists are doctors (OP) with four years post college and ophthalmologists (great Greek word by the way) are doctors (MD or DO) with four years residency after four years medical school post college. Some do fellowships following the residency. Both are doctors but only ophthalmologists are physicians. But I wouldn't sweat the difference for general vision needs. If you have special issues you might want to look for an ophthalmologist.

    But I've been to both and thus far the best eye exam I had was from my optometrist here in Denver. Discovered my prescription was too strong and got me in a great set of contacts. However, if you have lingering issues, be sure to follow-up.
    - William

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    Default Re: question for prescrition glasses wearers

    Thanks again. I am getting used to them pretty fast now, but there is no question that the Costas are much better for all but seeing anchor moorings at great distances.

    My eyes are already able to focus properly with the prescription glasses within just a few seconds of putting them on, and there is no longer a time lag when I change focal distance. If things go well financially, I think I'll get some 580glass ones with the prescription.

    A huge, and I mean really huge advantage to the Costa plastic ones is that the hydrophbic aspect where water runs right off works unbelievably well. That feature alone made them well worth the purchase price for me.

    It has been nearly impossible for me to keep sunglasses clear when fishing from a boat because of the salt spray. Sometimes it feels like I spend more time cleaning sunglasses than looking for fish and birds.

    Does anyone know if the "water repellent coating" on the Costa glass version works as well as the plastic version?

    Jim Cheers, Jim

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