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    20 55.56%
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Thread: Beer or bacon?

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    Default Re: Beer or bacon?

    I would can the bacon... if you dump enough beer in a frying pan and caramelize will taste like bacon
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    Default Re: Beer or bacon?

    Beer except for Sunday morning breakfast, with woodcock, laid of a pork loan then smoke, etc.......
    Thanks and have a great day
    Paul M

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    Default Re: Beer or bacon?

    Lemmie see if I'm reading the poll right John............ I vote for what I would 'drop' right?

    It will have to be the bacon for multiple reasons the first of which is that I only eat it a few times per year. Beer on the other hand is versatile for sure and very filling also. I like full bodied IPA beers like the Mirror Pond IPA from Deschutes Brewing Co. and etc. However I've seldom meta beer that I didn't like.

    * Beer never goes bad, at least none of mine ever has.
    * A good IPA can sit out on the counter overnight 'opened' and still taste good in the morning.
    * You don't have to cook the beer.
    * You can eat the beer straight from the package (bottle - can - tap - etc.
    There are way too many advantages & qualities to beer for me to even begin to name them all but that was a short list.

    Picture this: You like bacon. I like beer. We both go fishing and at noon we decide it's time for a snack. It's raining.

    I open a Mirror Pond IPA and begin to enjoy the nourishment in that wonderful package while you are trying to figure out how that bacon will taste raw.............

    Taken in moderation beer will never drive your LDL Cholesterol up, not even a tad.
    *Great for the kidneys.
    *Contains most of the food groups
    * If you drink enough you get drunk; try that with bacon

    Next time you have people over to watch a Bronco's game........... don't give them a cold one ...............serve Bacon

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    Default Re: Beer or bacon?

    lmao! It's good to have you back Ard.

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    Default Re: Beer or bacon?

    I so hear Ard. Haven't had a beer in years but do keep them in the fridge for guests. One 'six pack' of Geoge Killian's Irish Red has been in there for at least three years.

    The holder, at the moment, is now down to five.

    God this stuff tastes GOOD!

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Beer or bacon?

    I'll wash down my bacon with an ice cold IPA, thank you very much. I won't be wearing a tube top either.
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    Default Re: Beer or bacon?

    Don't care much for beer. Love bacon by itself and I cook with bacon a lot, too.
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    Default Re: Beer or bacon?

    Why drink beer when there's whiskey.

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    Think I'd drop beer.
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    Default Re: Beer or bacon?

    I would drop beer...bacon is not with beer gone I can focus more on delicious whiskey.
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