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Thread: Beer or bacon?

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    Default Re: Beer or bacon?

    It would have to be Bacon, think about it.
    Have you ever had a great time on Bacon
    Have you ever done anything stupid on Bacon
    Does Bacon affect your memory
    Just a few things to ponder
    "We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation."

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    I'd also have to drop The Bacon & drink a few Beers at night then I would probably cheat & eat some Bacon or go hungry as that's what a mate always cooks for Breakfast in The Mornings when we're in the Bush because he's The Cook & as everyone knows you never argue with The Cook.

    The one you left out Eddie is : Does Bacon give you a Hangover ????

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    I would have to say no bacon only because I could not say no to Beer.... I don't drink a lot, but I do indeed enjoy a great tasting beer after spending the day on the water. I never actually looked forward to bacon..... Although bacon grease and eggs are great for helping with a hangover.

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    Easy choice for me...not a big drinker so beer is an easy cut. Savory strips of pig flesh on the other cooked to a proper crisp, however, would be tough to give up.
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    This is like strappin' a piece of buttered toast to the back of a cat and dropping it from the roof. Which side lands down? Or do they suspend a foot off the ground spinning wildly as nature sorts out conflicting laws.

    I had to give up the bacon. I do love a good cold beer sitting on the back porch in the evening.

    Disclaimer: No actual cats were dropped from the roof in the making of this post.

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