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    Default Painting a house?

    Completely serious here. Maybe I bit off more than I can chew....

    A couple weeks ago we had a crazy wind/rain/hail storm come through. It chipped a lot of the paint on my grandmothers house. Insurance is going to cover the damage. For what ever reason, my grandmother asked me if I wanted to help her repaint the house instead of hire someone to do it. I told her I would, thinking it couldn't be that hard...just labor intensive.

    It is a stucco house with wood trim. It is to be painted the exact same colors as before, blue with white trim. I know we will have to power wash it and likely scrape the paint of the wood trim and caulk any cracks, mask off windows, etc. Beyond that, I don't know much...What is the best way to go about painting a house, two large garages, and a smaller out building? Roller, spray gun? What kind of roller/spray gun? Will we need to use a primer of some sort, or are there super paints that already have a primer built in? How many coats?

    Looking for any and all suggestions for painting a house.


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    Default Re: Painting a house?

    Hi Chase,

    I operated a Restoration & Painting Co. for many years. During that time we restored anything from contemporary single family residences to circa 1780 - 1900 historical buildings. In the painting end of the business I have done stucco homes like you describe as well as Lowe's stores - malls - hospitals - pretty much I have painted anything except parking lot and highway strips.

    If you want a short list on what not to do I would be glad to speak with you via phone. Just PM me and we'll talk about how to get it done quick & easy.


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    Default Re: Painting a house?

    If the repair is covered by insurance HAVE A PRO DO THE JOB.

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