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Thread: A new-fangled here

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    Heya Guys, im just a new-fangled here my name is Richard from California. I would like to ask about Lasik surgery? Are you familiar with that? I suffered almost 18 years for my Astigmatism and I want to put my thick oldie glass in the box (for sure) it’s a killer to me for almost half of my life. It made me appear like a granny; I love sports but can’t do it especially extreme sports due to my eye condition. I read some article about Lasik and I want to get some opinion especially for those people who experienced it already. What are the procedure and the effects? Im planning to fly to Kansas for a Lasik exam in my2020 in a couple of months from now and im a little nervous for it, hope you can help me ease my tension by sharing your experience. Lots of thanks.

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    I bet Jack brown is a blogger for money reading both his posts. Both posts have been advertising a specific product in a roundabout manner, neither had anything to do with fishing, in fact look at this quote in his other post

    I received some stuff from my girl but I want something that she hasn’t give me like a gadget since I love music I want to have a gadget that I can bring even if I go biking or climbing
    Its like he didnt even know it was a fishing board, or he easily could of changed what he probably posts on every message board.

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