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  1. Default Want to buy used spey rod

    Wanting to get into spey casting and im looking for a used spey rod to do so. 12 to 13 foot range 7ish weight. Im looking to spend around 150ish. Im needing a reel to so if you happen to have something in the 10 to 12 weight range for 50 bucks id be interested as well. Money is tight and theres no way i can drop enough cash for a new spey set up. Thanks so much! James

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    Anglers Roost has some spey rods for about that price that I've heard good reviews about. Also, the Rainshadow blanks get really good reviews but you'd have to build you own rod. For reels I like the Okuma SLV and the biggest one should balance a rod that size. Also there are the old Medalist reels.

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    Wow! The anglers roost rods do look interesting. Im shocked they are so cheap. Ill have to do some research on em. I appreciate the guidance! Thanks a ton!!

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    Here's a review of them from a bit ago. I don't know if he's changed the blanks since the review was done a few years ago but it might give you a start.

    I've not talked to the owner of Angler's Roost personally but heard he can be a character. I have finished one graphite and two of his bamboo blanks and they were good values for the money. One of the bamboo rods is a favorite. I've also used some of his reels and find they work well for trout. I've not tried them on larger game.
    - William

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    Great review and great info. Thanks for showing me that. I think ill go with one

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