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Thread: They say it's chilly outside...

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    Default They say it's chilly outside...

    Grab a bowl!

    Accepted my awards for this year's Ready Set School Chili Cook Off... Won "People's Choice" and placed 3rd in the spicy category which was judged by a "local celebrity" panel.

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    Default Re: They say it's chilly outside...

    Sweet, congrats on the win!


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    Default Re: They say it's chilly outside...

    Good stuff, well done. With the approaching storm, Chilli sounds good
    "We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation."

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    Default Re: They say it's chilly outside...

    Congrats on the win!
    Been makin allot of chilli my self this winter
    looong and cooold....



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    Default Re: They say it's chilly outside...

    Thanks all.

    It's through work. I never make chili at home... Because in all honesty... I'm not a fan of it... Chili in general that is... Had to make my first chili back in 2005~ when I took over for a kitchen manager that was fired and took the recipe book with him... A year later I won with my chili recipe... Moved to a new job... They had a chili... It sucked from what I was told... I offered up a variant of mine that was published... Last year the KM at the time used my recipe and messed it all up... Tried adding like 3 tablespoons of ghost pepper powder I had hanging around the kitchen...Didn't even place... Entered again this year and won! Funny stuff if you ask me... Comes naturally I guess

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    Default Re: They say it's chilly outside...

    Ghost pepper is apparently an acquired taste lol. One of the guys brought some ghost pepper-habanero cheese to work this week and man you didn't need more than a nibble to get the full effect. Congrats on the win.

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    Default Re: They say it's chilly outside...

    I love hot food. I make pickles and salsa with habs and ghost chilies... Delicious... But most folks at work can't handle the heat

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