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    I find it more convenient to compost in a pile than a bin. One secret to keeping a northern compost pile cooking is men's urine, no really! I start in early spring while the weather is still cool and stop during the summer and start up again in fall. The urine acts as a catalyst to kick start the composting process.

    I must pile onto my compost pile 12ft or more of material by the end of the season with all the gardens I put to bed. The worms work on it all through the fall, winter and by mid spring it's ready to sift and use.

    I do layer old compost in between the layers of green and brown matter. This helps the worms work faster and higher up into the pile until the cold hits.

    I use this compost on my organic veggie garden - it makes about 8-10 yards.

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    FlyGal, that's funny!!
    I'm all for saving a trip back to the house, unless it's to refill. lol

    Now I have to ask why a Human 'Males' urine? What makes it different than a Womans urine?

    I know Female dogs have a higher Ammonia content than Male dogs, therfore causing the burn spots in the lawns.

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    That doesn't surprise me. When I lived in Virginia, I composted primarily with fresh cut grass and horse manure. My son had a pony and we would help him clean the stall and take the manure and mix it with the grass. It made for some great the help of the heat and humidity of Virginia in the summer.


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