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Thread: Targeted Ads

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    Talking Targeted Ads

    I find this humorous and had to share. Today every target ad I am getting on the sites I visit are for Fisherbrand Pipettes. It has been quite a while since college chemistry, so I actually had to google pipette to refresh my memory. I finally figured out that I was doing some google searches for "fly fishing tippet" yesterday and must have been hit with a brief bout of dyslexia and searched for "fly fishing pipette."

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    For some reason, when the subject of "wipers", the white bass /striped bass hybred, is mentioned here, I get ads for Charmin toilet tissue
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    Ads, whats that?

    Awhile back I did a search for Mozilla Firefox adblockers, picked one and then installed it, haven't seen an ad on this site since.....pure heaven!

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