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Thread: Skype....

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    I love Skype, and I use it, although not as much as I wish I did. I plan on buying a handheld phone that hooks up to my computer to use as my home phone....through Skype. Now I use it mostly for video conferencing with my Parents in Seattle.

    The sound quality of the phone is great FYI.

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    It might be fun to get a group of 'Skypers' goin, you can get up to like 10 people goin at once.

    Anyone interested?

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    Hi fysh,

    I can combine these two threads if you and flyfisher117 want me to?


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    Sure, if FF117 doesn't mind.

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    i have used skype for the last 2 years but i have never callled people on it as i mainly type on it for group disscussions with friends and family and that and have had sometimes 10-15 people all participateing in a chat so is good that way

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