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    Default Do nymphing lines work? How?

    I'm thinking about getting a nymphing line for my Sage Z-axis 6 wt. 9' rod that I use for nymphing. What would the advantage be over my RIO Gold floating WF line? How do you use the line that's different?

    Another way to ask this question is, "Are nymphing lines just marketing or a really good idea?" The guys at my fly shop say they've never used them, but they're selling more and more of them.
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    Default Re: Do nymphing lines work? How?

    Hi Alligator,

    The RIO Gold is a general purpose line for fishing drys and wets. The Nymph line is designed specifically for fishing weighted nymphs or other wet flies with split shot. If you compare the two lines below you can see a lot of weight forward in the nymph line to help with turning over those heavy loads. If you fished dry flies on the nymph line you would never be able to get a soft presentation due to the heavy line forward. The nymph line head is also longer to aid with roll casting and mending line.

    If you fish a lot of nymphs or wet flies with or with out split shot you will probably like the nymph line a lot. One negative with nymph lines is the bright colored line at the tip of the fly line. This is supposed to aid your but I rather not have it.


    RIO Nymph Line

    RIO Gold Line

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    Default Re: Do nymphing lines work? How?

    Frank, so true, a bright tip can kill fish interest. I just darken the line for 6ft. or so, in 6" bands. Leave a little color showing in between bands, and on the very end. I like full camo lines but the client can't always see it to correct their drift.
    We all know the drift is key!
    We fish with big split shot and big flies, the nymph line floats better at the tip and mends well.
    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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