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    Five years ago today, 20 first graders were gunned down in their elementary school in Newtown CT by someone that should have never have had access to firearms

    ,,,first graders !


    Isn't time for yet for intelligent discussion on responsible gun ownership ?
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    That horrific act occurred in my hometown. Most of my first 30 years of life were spent in that town. It was especially heinous because the young 20 year old shooter targeted young innocent children and their teachers for no apparent reason.

    However, you also have to understand that this was a very disturbed and unstable young man. He had been diagnosed with sensory-integration disorder, Asperger syndrome, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. He also suffered from anorexia and was 6' tall and only weighed 112 lbs at the time of his death. The Anorexia also attributed to malnutrition and brain damage. It was determined that he never allowed anybody into his bedroom including his mother. He even had the windows taped over with black plastic garbage bags to block out sunlight. He refused to have a Christmas tree in the house, and would not eat his food unless it was arranged in a particular way on his plate. He had also chosen to cut off contact with both his father and brother in the two years before the shooting and at one point communicated with his mother, who lived in the same house, only by email.

    Should his mother (whom had guns locked in a gun safe) known that her son would one day shoot and kill her and then go into her gun safe and commit a mass killing? That is kind of a tough call as he had not previously shown a tendency towards violence except that it was determined that he played violent video games and it was later found that he had videos and newspaper accounts of other mass killings on his computer. Rather than discussing responsible gun ownership I think this horrific incident points out the need for parents to not "sweep things under the rug" or to ignore a child's anti-social behavior. Due to this young mans anti-social behavior and his diagnosed mental condition and his physical condition and self-imposed isolation he should have been under psychiatric care instead of being left alone living in his own world. Parents need to identify and be a responsible citizen to care for their children's well-being regardless of all other things.

    I do not believe this particular heinous act represents that there is a large percentage of irresponsible gun owners. Current estimates put the number of guns in US households at around 300 million. Number of deaths due to guns in the US per year is at around 11,500 (if you do not include suicides and officer shootings). That means that the percentage of guns in the US that were used irresponsibly to kill innocent people would be less than .004%. Given those numbers I would say that the majority of gun owners in the US are already pretty responsible.

    Finally, in my opinion we do need to look at why people feel the need to kill other people especially innocent people. What motivates them and how can we identify them and get them the psychiatric care they so desperately need before they commit such a heinous act such as the tragedy in Sandy Hook.


    Tim C.

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    Unfortunately (for the US at least), as long as healthcare and therapy continue being giant money making for-profit businesses, not everyone who needs help will seek help. The problems don't seem to go away, no changes are ever made. Another shooting happens. We blame the people, not the guns. Nothing changes. It happens again, another shooting.

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    What is the common thread in all the gun violence, fist violence, knife violence, car violence, police violence, and drug violence? Guns? Or violence? Let's focus on the violence. Why are people doing this stuff and how do we stop them?

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    I think it is time to have an intelligent conversation about our broken government.

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